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    Quizzes for verbs "Book" and "Chew"


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    Quizzes for verbs "Book" and "Chew"

    Post by Admin on Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:12 pm

    2) Quiz for Verb: 'To Book'

    Choose the correct definition for each phrasal verb...

    1-'Book in' means...

    a) Attract people, especially customers, to get them to do what you want them to

    b) Check in at a hotel

    c) Manage to collect enough of something you need, usually money

    2-'Book into' means...

    a) Have no more of something left because it has been bought

    b) Check in at a hotel c)Kill an animal because it's old, ill, etc

    3-'Book into' means...

    a) Be less successful b)Make a reservation in advance

    c)Provide someone with everything they need or want

    4-'Book up' means...

    a) Reserve b)Not eat much of a meal

    c)Lose a decision or a verdict of a court

    5-'Book in' means...

    a) Continue or start doing something

    b) Enter a car or taxi c)Make a reservation in advance

    3) Quiz for Verb: 'To Chew'

    Choose the correct definition for each phrasal verb...

    1-'Chew out' means...

    a) Join, enter b)Criticize someone angrily

    c)Make a shy person more outgoing

    2-'Chew up' means...

    a) Cut into small pieces with your teeth

    b) Make a comment c)Circulate (rumours, etc)

    3-'Chew over' means...

    a) Get someone to do some work

    b) Think about an issue c)Manage to pass

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