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    Advanced Vocabulary Quiz (1)


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    Advanced Vocabulary Quiz (1)

    Post by Admin on Sun Feb 15, 2009 9:39 pm

    Advanced Vocabulary Quiz (1)

    Read the sentences below and decide which of these words best fits each space.

    You may need to change the form of the word.

    redolent; incapable; precluded; rite; confer; rendering; correlation; prevail; officiating; deploy; criterion; reminiscent; clarified; obey; bestow - emulate - largess

    1 - The small number of students have ---------------------the school from offering as many courses this year.

    2 - Magda is ----------------- the book into Polish from English.

    3 - Could you -------------the first point please? I don't understand it completely.

    4 - There's little --------------between success in life and a university degree.

    6 - Students should --------------------- their teachers without question!

    7 - She is noted for her -----------------------. She gives her friends a lot of gifts.

    8 - Gosia's an excellent mathematician, but as a lecturer she's totally --------------------

    9 - He ----------------a powerful argument against the proposal.

    10 - Szczecin University-----------------------an honourary degree on Lech Wa³êsa.

    11 - The Professorship was -------------------upon him in 1999.

    12 -The success of the school should not be judged by
    financial--------------------- alone.

    13 - You have to go through an initiation --------------before you're accepted into the Tolkien society.

    14 - This room is ----------------------of the smell of the old library at Trinity College.

    15 - One of my new students is --------------------------of my ex-girlfriend.

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