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    Advanced Grammar Quiz (1)


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    Advanced Grammar Quiz (1)

    Post by Admin on Sun Feb 15, 2009 9:15 pm

    Advanced Grammar Quiz (1)

    Fill in the gaps using the word(s) in the following list:

    was - once - however - were - such - used to - that - owing to - 'd rather - since - little - not - do - so - to

    1- I -------------------------- that you didn't drive so fast.

    2- Although fraternal twins are born at the same time, they do not tend to resemble each other any more than ------------------other siblings.

    3- Not -------------------I started school have I had so much spare time.

    4- ----------------------afraid were the townspeople that they hardly ventured out of their neighbourhoods.

    5- --------------------- did the soldiers know about the attack of the enemy.

    6- --------------------- have not been invited to the party made her upset.

    7- --------------------- unless I do my homework will my parents allow me to go to the party.

    8- Caroline ------------------------ to have spent the entire summer sculpting, but she ended up working at a bank for a month.

    9- Not ------------------ have I missed my English class this year.

    10- It ------------------ be my brother who did all the cooking, but now we all help.

    11- --------------------- the fact that we had been burned by the sun, we applied a soothing ointment to our faces.

    12- ---------------------- languages have many differences is obvious.

    13- He would send me a post card ------------------ he to know my address.

    14- You can't move that stone ----------------------- strong you are.

    15- The police thoroughly investigated the burglary. They concluded that only experienced thieves could have accomplished --------------- a heist.

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