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    Teach them a lesson


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    Teach them a lesson

    Post by Admin on Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:17 pm

    Teach them a lesson

    By: Essam Wahba

    Teachers are usually the main object of criticism and attack. Once a renowned Egyptian psychologist claimed that “The real crisis is not in the syllabus itself, but in the teachers’ attitude. It is almost as if they are doing society a favor by doing their job.” This is absolute nonsense. It is by no means logical or comprehensible to hold teachers responsible for the current deterioration in our educational system.

    Are teachers responsible for canceling the sixth grade in the primary education? Are teachers responsible for the great number of students in each class (sometimes over 50), which makes the teaching and learning processes almost impossible?

    Are teachers responsible for the lack of teaching aids and facilities in schools? Are teachers responsible for the absence of any clear educational philosophy, which results in making the wrong policies and taking uninformed impetuous decisions? Are teachers responsible for appointing those supervisors who know almost nothing about their job and find great pleasure in scolding, criticizing and blaming teachers? Are teachers responsible for wasting millions of pounds on teacher training programs abroad with no obvious objectives attained? Are teachers responsible for the unhealthy atmosphere in which education takes place?

    To tell you the truth, teachers are the victims of our system of education and we had better look for the real culprit.

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